Queen of Ordinary Watches Friendship Catch Fire – August 14, 2014

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In the spring I had a friend who was entertaining the possibility of dating someone new, but she just wasn’t sure if she wanted to start up a new relationship.  I asked her to do me a favor and go out with him five times and see if they enjoyed being together.  If at the end of those five times she wasn’t interested in a dating relationship, she might just have gained a new friend.

By the end of five times, she was ready for six, seven, one hundred.  They are still together and seem to genuinely love each other, which (I’m pretty sure) came as a shock to her after a string of disappointing relationships. 

I’m no Ann Landers, but I think the reason this relationship is different chiefly concerns the fact that they started out as friends and that friendship caught fire from the small sparks that were there in the beginning and grew as they spent more time together and added more fuel to the fire.

I would like to find that kind of love – one based on faith, friendship, and would grow to a deep, abiding flame of love that never burned out.  I’m such a romantic, and a dreamer, but I do think it’s possible and I have one friend, at least, who is living proof!


Queen of Ordinary – Visions in the Campfire – August 4, 2014

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Clouds, snow drifts, kudzu, and campfires all have something in common.  They stir the human imagination for see images that appear by chance in nature’s whimsy.

I took several photos of a campfire at Kingdom Come State Park last night after asking a nice couple if they would mind if I did.

When I downloaded the images, I was surprised to see a Phoenix rising out of the ashes/out of the flame.  Do you see it?  I actually see two different images of the Phoenix without ever having to strain to imagine it.

Even a flame captured in a split second has secrets all of its own if we look for them.

Queen of Ordinary – God is Good, even when we are not. 8/1/2014

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Isn’t it a good thing we don’t get what we deserve?  If we did, there would be no hope for any of us.  Our goodness is simply not enough.  Even on our best days we are still flawed – a mixture of good and bad.

God is good even when we are not.  It is His goodness that redeems us, His perfection that covers our imperfections.  In the Bible, David said, “Who is man that thou art mindful of him?”  I am amazed that God loves us in all of our humanness.

When people say, “I don’t know what I did to deserve this!” whether they are referring to good or to bad that has come their way, the answer is usually – nothing.  Good and bad come to all people, health and sickness, sunshine and rain, blessings and sorrow.  Life happens to all of us and includes all of those things.

There is only one consistently good thing in all of the universe.  God is good, even when we are not.