Queen of Ordinary – God is Good, even when we are not. 8/1/2014

FotoSketcher - day with vince 417

Isn’t it a good thing we don’t get what we deserve?  If we did, there would be no hope for any of us.  Our goodness is simply not enough.  Even on our best days we are still flawed – a mixture of good and bad.

God is good even when we are not.  It is His goodness that redeems us, His perfection that covers our imperfections.  In the Bible, David said, “Who is man that thou art mindful of him?”  I am amazed that God loves us in all of our humanness.

When people say, “I don’t know what I did to deserve this!” whether they are referring to good or to bad that has come their way, the answer is usually – nothing.  Good and bad come to all people, health and sickness, sunshine and rain, blessings and sorrow.  Life happens to all of us and includes all of those things.

There is only one consistently good thing in all of the universe.  God is good, even when we are not.


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