Change of Plans Turn Out Well – Queen of Ordinary October 30, 2014

DSCN5827 (3)This is the Abbey of Creevelea in Ireland.

I can hardly believe that I took this photo myself, in person, in the flesh, standing right there up close and personal!

I just returned from a month long tour of Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales.  To visit Scotland was at the top of my bucket list for many, many years.  I wanted to see the Scottish Highlands for myself and compare them to the Highlands of Kentucky where I live.  The tour through Sloan Travel Company grew from a single tour of Scotland to a lengthier one that included those four countries.

On the day we visited the ruins of the Abbey at Creevelea, we were actually scheduled to visit a different one.  A lady at the Castle View Bed and Breakfast where we were staying recommended this one instead because there was no entry fee and we’d be able to walk about and photograph as we pleased.  We took her advice and were delighted with the results.

I’ve heard the expression that if we want to make God laugh, just tell Him our plans.

God’s plans for our lives are always better than the plans we have for ourselves.  Just like the change in our plans for the day, when God changes the direction of our plans, it is always for our good in the big picture.

IMG_6377  IMG_6394 IMG_6389


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