People We Meet on Our Journey through Life – Queen of Ordinary – November 2, 2014

DSCN5787  Taken from Castle View Bed and Breakfast – Ireland

On our recent trip to Ireland, we stayed in some amazing places.  The castle in this photo was taken from the parking lot of Castle View Bed and Breakfast, appropriately named.  I loved staying among real people rather than hotels filled with travelers.

We met some very interesting people during our travels.  One such person was met during our sojourn in this place.  Her teen-aged daughter had committed suicide in the recent past.  She was a beautiful girl, full of promise, loved and cherished by her family.

What went wrong?  Bullying from high school girls.  Molestation happened by a popular highschool boy who bragged about it and spread the word.  Texting.  Badgering.  Her family had no idea and she was in too much pain and shame to tell them.

She left behind grieving classmates.  She left behind grieving and broken parents.

It seems to me that she believed the lies the devil was telling her.  It will never get better.  Everyone is laughing at me.  I am such an idiot.  I’m so ashamed.  My parents won’t understand.  I can’t take any more.

We meet a lot of people in this life.  Some will love us and care for us.  Some will abuse us.  Some we are better off without.  But some will make all the difference and fill our lives with joy.  How can we tell the difference?

Sometimes we can’t.  Sometimes we do get deceived, get our feelings hurt, or even suffer abuse at the hands of someone we allowed into our lives.

But we don’t have to allow the people we meet to define who we are for good or for bad.  It is God who knows us best.  It is God who loves us most.  It is God who forgives the bad choices and God who rejoices in our victories.  It is God who has a hope and a destiny for us, God who heals us, God who delivers us, and God who helps us through another day.

Nothing is ever so bad that God can’t bring us through it.  No mistake is so big that God can’t forgive it.  No person is so worthless that God does not have a plan and a purpose for them.We can never be so broken that God can’t mend us. The people in our lives can never do all of those things for us.

The people we meet on our journey through life were never meant to fill the hole that God created inside of us that only He can fill.

I love meeting people.  I enjoy spending time with people who are different from me.  I delight in stories people choose to share about who they are, their cultural roots, and where their paths have taken them.  But no person anywhere along the journey I’m on should ever be allowed to take God’s place in my life or even block my view of Him.


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