What Kind of Bridge Are You Building? – Queen of Ordinary – November 3, 2014

IMG_0823  I believe this bridge was photographed in Wales.

All across the UK there are bridges made of stone.  Some look truly ancient and some more modern, but they all serve one purpose.  They were designed to transport people and things from one place to another across a divide – either a river, a gap in the landscape, or  from one cliff to another.

They were/are not only beautiful, but necessary.

If you were a bridge, what kid of bridge would you be?

The Rev. T.D. Jakes said, “I like to see myself as a bridge builder, that is me building bridges between people, between races, between cultures, between politics, trying to find common ground.”

There is a song from my younger days that says, “… like a bridge over troubled water, I will lay me down…”

God calls us all to be bridges of one sort or another.  We are to cross the divides between people to bring His love.  In our current world, that is the most necessary and life changing thing we can bring.

DSCN5832 IMG_9745 IMG_9740


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