Incredible Rock Formations: Giant’s Causeway – Queen of Ordinary – November 6, 2014

DSCN6052  DSCN6065 (2)  DSCN6074  The Giant’s Causeway

Wikipedia Describes The Giant’s Causeway:  The Giant’s Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns – the result of an ancient volcanic eruption.

It is located on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland about three miles (4.8 km) northeast of the town of Bushmills. It was declared a World Heritage site in 1986. In a 2005 poll of Radio Times readers, the Giant’s Causeway was named as the fourth greatest natural wonder in the United Kingdom. The tops of the columns form stepping stones that lead from the cliff foot and disappear under the sea. Most of the columns are hexagonal, although there are also some with four, five, seven or eight sides. The tallest are about 12 metres (39 ft) high, and the solidified lava in the cliffs is 28 metres (92 ft) thick in places.

DSCN6071 (2) DSCN6073 DSCN6070 (3)

Can you imagine standing on the edge of creation, watching continents collide, oceans roar, and lava ooze upwards from the center of the earth?  Giant’s Causeway is in incredible place with the evidence of shafts of lava that pushed upward and against each other to form this extraordinary place at the edge of the ocean.

Being there was awe inspiring.  Why don’t these formations form everywhere there are volcanic eruptions?  Why did they form in this place?  Just as it pleased God to create such a diversity of plant and animal life in the earth, it seems to have pleased Him to make even the rock formations varied and unique.

If a person doesn’t believe in God, they probably would not be impressed by these things.  But for those of us who do believe in God, the Earth declares His glory.  Giant’s Causeway is definitely one of those places.


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