To God Be the Glory – Queen of Ordinary – November 8, 2014

DSCN6683  Jedburgh Abbey, Scotland DSCN6663

Jedburgh Abbey is said to be one of the great abbeys of Scotland.  It was built in the border country in the Medieval Ages.  There are many abbey ruins across Scotland, Wales, and Ireland.  All were built with the same basic thing in mind – to bring God glory.

The precision of the rocks that were cut and the way they fit together so perfectly is a mystery to me, knowing that those who did the building had primitive tools.  They created these gorgeous structures to house monastic settlements and train those who professed a calling to live and serve as a monk.  Those who did the cutting, those who did the building, the monks who studied and trained there, and every hand involved in these elaborate stone structures were done with doing something for God.

Perhaps like me, you have stood at the foot of the cross, wanting to have a precious gift to give and feeling as if you had nothing to offer God.  What can we give to the bring glory to God?  We lay down our lives in different ways and offer up what we have.   Perhaps we try to bring God glory through athletic ability, singing, words, teaching, and any other personal abilities.

We get to choose whether we will try to live a life that brings us all the glory or to live a life that brings God the glory.  Just as this medieval structure was planned, implemented, and designed to be a thing of beauty, so are our lives.  When we are willing to put God first in our lives, we truly are giving Him the glory He deserves from us.


2 thoughts on “To God Be the Glory – Queen of Ordinary – November 8, 2014

  1. First, I want to say how beautiful those pictures are…amazing. Next, I want to thank you for sharing them with us. And lastly, what a beautiful post, it is well thought out, well written, and the applications are timeless…Thank you for sharing; it has truly touched my heart…

    In Christ,
    The Silent Preacher

    • Thank you for visiting my blog, sharing the journey through my photos, and offering words of encouragement. I appreciate it very much! I have also enjoyed my visits to your blog.

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