Ducks Quack Me Up – Queen of Ordinary – November 14, 2014

IMG_5944  IMG_5957

Irish Ducks

Ducks are so much fun to watch.  They fly, swim, eat, and pooh where ever they go.  These are the things we know right off the bat.  But, did you know that ducks fight, groom themselves, establish dominance and even play?

This group of ducks we stopped to feed in Ireland on a beautiful little stream had made a game out of going up a little waterfall, then riding the water back down over the rocks.  They would turn around, struggle against the current and the little bit of white water to get back up the rocks and over into their small rapids.

IMG_5941  IMG_5943

If we threw out bits of food to them, there would be a couple paying attention who raced forward to get the treats, then all of the rest would follow.  Sometimes they fought over bits of food, but we had enough for all.  They weren’t interested in us as people – only as food givers.

DSCN5186 (2)  DSCN5188 (2)

Their ducky antics definitely were amusing.

We could learn a lot from ducks.  They do what they were created to do – perpetuate their species, fly only to get where they are going, look for something to eat, swim in the water, quack to communicate, pooh, groom themselves, and make up chasing games or other simple things as play.  I don’t suppose there has ever been a duck who sat around feeling sorry for himself because he didn’t have a grander lot in life.  I doubt that a single duck has ever been depressed because God didn’t make them an eagle instead of a duck.

Wouldn’t life be so much better if we could be content in being what God created us to be and finding joy in it?

2007_0424photoFallrachelDeron0056  IMG_5971


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