I Have So Many Photos, I Don’t Know What to Do – Queen of Ordinary November 16, 2014

IMG_7506 (2)  IMG_7513 Scotland/Ireland

I have been home one month from our big adventure and I’m still sorting through photos.  I tried to categorize them by date, but my camera went wackydoodle and every time I changed SD cards, it went to some random date from the past.  Complicate that with the fact that I had two cameras going – a small one for shooting out the car window and a bigger one for tours, etc.  Needless to say, I have some issues with getting things in the right place.

Considering that I took over 10,000 photos in the month I was away, I’m doing pretty well with working through them in this length of time.  I’ve already deleted over 2,000 because they were blurred or duplicates.  I think I’ve seen them all, then I discover another little batch with one or two amazing shots in it.  The photos I use in my blog are not necessarily the best ones, but  ones that bring back the feeling or the memories of having been there.  I’ve included a few in this blog from one file – Driving through Scotland.

IMG_7522  IMG_7530  Photos of Scotland

Looking at all of these images has burned the experience into my heart and brain.  I know where home is and where my heart is, but Scotland and Ireland have taken root inside of me as well.  I miss the people I traveled with as if they have become part of my family.  A month with strangers has a way of turning them into friends.

This mountain of digital photos I’m still working through will certainly keep the dream and the people alive.  But I want to get them organized, categorized, filed away, and give it a rest.  I have a novel to finish, the holidays to manage, and all the demands of day to day life, so I really need to be able to have peace about all of these images and let them go for a while.  I’m so very thankful for God’s blessings on this journey, for being able to make the trip, and for having the privilege to photograph such a wide variety of beautiful things.  With this in mind, it seems like having this ton of images organized in a way that can be useful is part of my responsibility after having made the journey.

IMG_7540  IMG_7706

I’m wondering how other camera crazy people decompress after such a journey and so many photos to work through.  Any good advice is welcomed.

IMG_7608 (2)  IMG_7923 (2)  IMG_7582  IMG_7636


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