Smailholm Tower – Scottish Borderlands – Queen of Ordinary, 2014

IMG_0090  IMG_0101

Smailholm Tower, built in the 1500s was not one of the most impressive structures we saw in our journey through Ireland, Scotland, England, and Wales, but it was beautifully situated and served for inspiration as the backdrop for more than one famous writer.  This type of tower is referred to as a peel tower.  It is located in the Scottish Borderlands and sits atop a crag of Lady Hill, with a wide vista view of surrounding lands.

Sir Walter Scott visited his grandfather there when he was a child and spent a good deal of time at this location when he was young.  This tower provides the setting for Sir Walter Scott’s ballad, The Eve of St. John.    His sketch of the tower was include in Scott’s Poetical Works. 

IMG_0103  IMG_0109 (2)

Margaret J. Anderson, who wrote the children’s novel In the Keep of Time, used Smailholm Tower as the location for the adventure in which four English children experience time travel both backwards and forwards.

One of the pioneers of photography, Fox Talbot, photographed Smailholm Tower as part of his collection, Sun Pictures in Scotland.

I particularly liked the lay of the land around the tower.  The view was stunning and peaceful looking out in every direction at land that gently rolled away.  I also found a beautiful door to photograph, which made the experience a well rounded one.

IMG_0112 (2)  IMG_0119  IMG_0116

This structure made me realize that inspiration comes from many things for writers, photographers, singers, and artists.  Smailholm was neither grand nor luxurious, but it has made an impact on people through the years.  If we are open to inspiration, it may come to us in places we least expect.


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