God Has a Sense of Humor – Queen of Ordinary – November 30, 2014


I think God smiles more than we realize.  I’ve always heard that if we want to make God laugh, we just need to tell him our plans.

He spoke to me about something this week that cracked me up and I could honestly feel Him chuckling.

Sometimes we get so stressed out and worried about our circumstances that we make a bigger mess by trying to fix things ourselves.  I am guilty of worrying more than I praise, and fretting over things I can’t change.

There is not a single day that God starts out by saying, “Oh, NO!  What am I going to do today?  How am I going to fix the problem in (insert your name)’s life?  I better call and ask (insert any name) and see if they can tell me what I need to do!”  And this is where he chuckled.

No matter what comes our way, no matter if it shocks us, it doesn’t come as a surprise to God.  No matter how big of a mess our lives might be, God knows how to untangle the disasters if we’ll let Him.  AND He doesn’t have to ask anybody else for their advice, their opinion, or their instructions on how to do it.

Pray.  Put your needs before the Lord.  TRUST.  God is big enough to handle anything we put before Him….


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